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Make the most of your experience at International Assembly and join us for the conference and a selection of international workshops.

Be inspired by creatives from around the world.
International Assembly Conference – June
Thursday 2nd June 16:00-20:00 GMT
Hear from Chandan Mahimkar, Vrints–Kolsteren, HATO, Ellen Lupton and Wanwai Shum.
Learn from the best at a creative workshop.
Algorithmic Adventures with Tim Rodenbröker
3-day Workshop (Online)
Friday 3rd June + Monday 6th June + Wednesday 8th June (9:00-13:00 BST)
Discover code as a creative medium to generate a wide range of visual material and explore how this could exist in public spaces. Working together with Tim Rodenbröker on Algorithmic Adventures, experiment with the complexity of code in Processing.
Animated illustration in Cinema4D with Ardhira Putra
2-day Workshop (Online)
Monday 6th June + Friday 10th June (14:00-18:00 BST)
Learn to create immersive 2D/3D illustrations. Combine 2D illustration with 3D techniques and animation to create your own immersive world. Join award-winning Ardhira Putra for a 2-day multi-media adventure!
Collaborative Type Karaoke with Team Thursday
2-day Workshop (Online)
Tuesday 7th June + Thursday 9th June (9:00-13:00 BST)
Together with Team Thursday, we reimagine karaoke typography and create a collaborative music video for an iconic karaoke song. What can you learn from an insight into their process in this 2-day design workshop?
Collaborative Quilts with Two Times Elliott
2-day Workshop (Online)
Tuesday 14th June + Thursday 16th June (14:00-18:00 BST)
Collaborate with Two Times Elliott and your workshop team using 2XE’s framework for producing unexpected visual material inspired by the quilt-making. Explore the possibilities of collaborative design and the impact of designing with strict limitations.