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Make the most of your experience at International Assembly and join us for the conference and a selection of international workshops.

Be inspired by creatives from around the world.
International Assembly 2-day Conference – April
Thursday 30th March + Thursday 6th April (17:00-20:00 UK time)
Hear from Mirko Borsche, Annie Atkins, Patrick Thomas, Can Yang, Readymag/Tanya Egoshina, Ruben Pater, Shivani Parasnis, Neo Neo, Zhongkai Li, Design Studio, and Porto Rocha
Learn from the best at a creative workshop.
Type Experiments with Studio Tillack Knöll
2-day Workshop (Online)
Friday 31st March (9:00–13:00 UK time) + Sunday 2nd April (9:00–16:00 UK time)
Get together with Studio Tillack Knöll to redefine the characteristics of static and variable typography. Work as a part of the dream team that collaborates to come up with an amazing and fun display font.
Creative Coding with Vera van der Seyp
2-day Workshop (Online)
Friday 31st March + Wednesday 5th April (18:00-22:00 UK time)
Join Vera van der Seyp to learn creative coding techniques that will bring your type design and computation together to create moving poster series of your dream.
Design as Cooking with Suzy Chan
2-day Workshop (Online)
Tuesday 4th April + Tuesday 11th April (12:00-16:00 UK time)
Poster design with a twist. Suzy Chan will introduce her unique design process that will help you bring the best out of you. You will work on typography and image making in an analogue way before presenting it in a poster series.
Create a Visual Universe with DR.ME
2-day Workshop (Online)
Monday 10th April + Wednesday 12th April (13:00-17:00 UK time)
Learn from DR.ME to gain insight and learn everything that is required to create and launch a music campaign for an artist from start to finish. If you want to get into designing for the music industry, this workshop is for you!
Introduction to 3D Sculpture with YONK
2-day Workshop (Online)
Monday 10th April + Tuesday 11th April (17:00-21:00 UK time)
Ever wanted to make an epic sculpture but didn't want to get your hands dirty? In this 2-day workshop hosted by VR sculptors YONK, you will learn how to use digital clay to create your very own and collaborative sculpture.
Motion Design with Lucas Hesse
2-day Workshop (Online)
Wednesday 12th April + Thursday 13th April (18:00-22:00 UK time)
Learn the best tricks to elevate your motion design practice from Lucas Hesse.