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The Playground is a new space for digital tools and creative coding at open for everybody and free to use.

For International Assembly, Warriors Studio collaborated with Kiel Mutschelknaus on an interactive design tool.

Dive in, take a line for a walk, create your own animation and add to the gallery.

Tool 1
Warriors Studio x Kiel Mutchelknaus

What’s Klee?

Klee is the first tool to enter the playground, where our focus is not on what but on how?

We often view technology and digital tools as a means to perform tasks more quickly, easily or efficiently, but how can digital tools inspire expression, evoke feelings, and encourage us to play?

We created an interactive drawing tool in collaboration with Kiel Mutschelknaus which encourages users to play, draw and make, for making’s sake.

Klee is about enjoying the primal and instinctive notion of drawing, but in a new context.

Klee is named after the artist, Paul Klee.

Don’t forget to play

Our role as designers is often centered around function, purpose, strategy and commerce but as creative people it’s important to create for creations sake.

Don’t forget to play.

Artist and Bauhaus teacher Paul Klee described the line as being the foundation of all art and architecture. He discusses “taking a line for a walk” in his Pedagogical Sketchbook:

“An active line on a walk, moving freely, without goal. A walk for a walk’s sake.”

So, take a line for a walk.

We hope you enjoy.

How does the tool work?

The tool allows you to create animated visuals from any source files using the magic of code and gestural expression.

After uploading images, create flowing paths of images which follow your cursor as you draw. Think of clicking your cursor as the pen touching the paper and the library of images or GIFs you upload as your ink.

Any images and GIFs can be uploaded but files under 500kb work best. You can also experiment with the background colour, scale of images, animation styles, delay between drawing and visualisation, duration the images are on screen and save your creations.

The Playground

The playground is a new online place for us to explore digital tools and creative coding through INTL.

How can digital tools encourage play?
How can code be used for expression?
Can code be used in an organic way?
Can digital tools encourage us to be more human?

Tools and Authorship

As designers and creatives, we all use the same or similar tools to create. Why? Convenience? Ease? Automation? At what point does the tool hinder creativity and thinking? How much of the tool creates the work and how much do we create the work? Do we lead the tools or do the tools lead us?

When it comes to composition David Carson advocates for abandoning all grids in favour of making your own choices: “NEVER snap to guides.”

As AI and prompt-based creation becomes more widely accepted, questions of authorship arise, but have these questions always been relevent with the use digital tools and creative automation?

Are we working with or against the tools?

Are the tools an extension of us or are we becoming extensions of the tools?

Do we guide the tools, or are the tools guiding us?

If we create the tools are we the complete authors?

Where do you come in?

The tool is open and free for everybody to use. Jump in, play and upload your creations to the gallery!

Enter the playground.