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The International Poster Competition is closed. It will reopen in February 2024.

How does the competition work?

Launched in 2014, the International Poster Competition is recognised as one of the world’s largest collections of contemporary posters, receiving over 47,000+ entries from over 100 countries since launching. The competition is now open for entry and you are invited to participate.

  1. Enter your posters to the International Poster Competition via Enter Posters.
  2. You will then receive a confirmation email to acknowledge that your posters have been submitted successfully.
  3. Your posters will then be reviewed by the International Jury.
  4. A selection of highly-rated entries will be curated for the International Poster Exhibition in Olympia Gallery and Poster World app in collaboration with Nam Huynh and Sebastian König. These posters will also be published in the International Poster Book (approx 200 posters selected each year).
  5. Selected posters will be promoted via INTL social media and online to 100K+ active followers and viewers.
  6. You will be contacted via email if your poster is one of the highly-rated entries selected by the International Jury.
  7. 1st (Prize: £500), 2nd (Prize: £300) and 3rd (Prize: £100) place will be awarded.
  8. The results of the International Poster Competition will be announced at International Assembly live and shortly after on the INTL website and socials.

The competition is free to enter however donations are appreciated.

Key Dates

Competition opens

Competition closes at midnight (BST)

Jury view and select posters

All names of successful participants who will be included in the International Poster Exhibition, International Poster Book and Poster World app will be publicised online (on this page)

Poster World app in collaboration with Nam Huynh and Sebastian König relaunches, offering new ways to experience graphic design and the International Poster Exhibition

All selected posters available to view at Olympia Gallery

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the International Poster Competition will be announced at International Assembly live and published online shortly after.

Competition Guidelines

Please read the guidelines below before submitting an entry.

  1. The brief is open. Submissions may be created specifically for the competition, for a client or as self-promotion.
  2. Up to 8 posters may be entered per participant. Click “add additional poster” in the entry form.
  3. The competition is open to everyone (students, graduates, professionals, etc.)
  4. Content submitted on the poster entry form must be accurate and include all designers involved. It is not possible to change this content once submitted.
  5. Moving and animated posters are accepted and celebrated.
  6. The entry must have been created between 2021-2023.
  7. The posters will be judged on their content, concept, and delivery, and value will be placed on design work which:
  • Alters perceptions or ways of thinking
  • Offers creative solutions to problems
  • Contributes to discussion on current affairs
  • Opens dialogue and provokes discussion for debate
  • Makes innovative use of media or medium

Prize Money

1st Place: £500
2nd Place: £300
3rd Place: £100

A curated selection of entries rated highly by the jury will be:

  • Exhibited in the International Poster Exhibition
  • Published in the International Poster Book
  • Featured in the Poster World app
  • Promoted via INTL social media

Submission Format

Please submit your posters using the below format:

Static posters
JPG or PNG up to 2000px wide under 5mb. RGB.

Moving posters
GIF or MP4 up to 1500px wide under 20mb. Alternatively a Youtube or Vimeo link can be provided.

Why enter?

  1. Raise your international profile
  2. Participate in a global project
  3. Showcase your work to a potential audience of millions
  4. Have your work published in the International Poster Book
  5. Be an International Poster Exhibition exhibitor
  6. Feature in the Poster World app
  7. Win prize money
  8. Be considered for a special feature across INTL platforms
  9. What are you waiting for?

Poster World

Poster World app is founded from a collaboration between INTL creative directors Warriors Studio, Nam Huynh and Sebastian König built on a shared curiosity, a focus on the future and a desire to push boundaries.

Together we’re asking questions. What does a poster/design exhibition mean? Where should it take place and why? Where do posters belong and live? How can we expand the modes of display we are used to? What is the future of graphic design? How can we create a hybrid experience which combines the physical world with the digital and offer something which neither can offer on their own?

The app lets visitors become curators, it is a merger between a museum and a playground. You can even load in your own posters to display them in the unique and interactive billboards.

Download Poster World


How much does it cost to enter?
– It’s free to enter however, donations are appreciated.

Can a series of posters be submitted as one submission?
– Yes. If submitting a series, please combine the series together within one digital image for the first stage of submission.

What file type should my digital submission be?
– Static posters: JPG or PNG under 5mb. Moving posters: MP4 under 20mb or as a youtube/vimeo link.

What dimensions should my digital file for submission be?
– We recommend setting your file at a maximum of 2000px wide however any size is suitable, as long as we can see the content clearly and it’s under 5mb.

Can I submit animated posters?
– Yes. GIF or MP4 up to 1500px wide under 20mb. Alternatively a Youtube or Vimeo link can be provided.

Can my submission be self-initiated work?
– Yes.

What year should my posters have been designed?
– From 2021 onwards.

Does my poster have to be printed on paper?
– No, your poster does not have to printed on paper. This year will be focused on digital submissions.

Will there be an exhibition for the 2023 competition?
– Yes. This year’s full International Poster Exhibition will be running at Olympia Gallery online. The selected posters can also be explored through Poster World app. More information to follow soon.

International Poster Competition 2023 Selection

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 International Poster Competition. It was an honour to welcome your work and see all of the inspiring posters you have designed over the past three years. Thank you.

The 2023 jury members were thoroughly impressed and you made it incredibly difficult to select winners and make the final selections for the International Poster Exhibition, International Poster Book and Poster World app.

Hundreds of submissions were equally inspiring to those selected but it is not possible to include everything and everybody. If you do not see your name included, please do not let this discourage you from participating in future competitions and projects. You are welcome and invited to participate again next year, where we welcome fresh perspectives and a new jury. Please join us in congratulating everybody who’s work was selected.

All designers, agencies, collectives and participants who have been selected for the International Poster Competition 2023 are listed hereCongratulations to everybody selected! Your work will be:

– Exhibited in the International Poster Exhibition online in Olympia Gallery.
– Published in the International Poster Book
– Featured in the Poster World app
– Promoted via INTL social media

A total of 172 poster submissions designed by 126 participants were selected. 47 posters have been awarded with jury commendations and 5 posters (or poster series) have been selected as winners.

With 8,849 submissions from 108 countries to the 2023 competition, this is a monumental achievement. Congratulations!

Each jury member offers Jury Commendations to posters which they would like to personally highlight and commend. These will be printed in the International Poster Book and distinguished in the International Poster Exhibition. Make sure to pick up a copy of the book and visit the exhibition to discover the commended work.

The International Poster Book featuring all of the selected work, interviews with winners and featured designers alongside jury commentary is available to pre-order at

The competition has now received more than 56,000 submissions from 110 countries since launching in 2014 and we’re delighted that you will be part of the legacy.

If you have been selected, you will receive an email shortly with the next steps and file requirements.

With love, 

INTL (International) Team.
James, Beth, Mook and Scott

Alessio Borando
alisch berlec hönow
Arthur Sheppard
Atelier Choque Le Goff
Atelier Pierre Pierre, Guillaume Tourscher,La Galerie, CAC Noisy-le-Sec
Atelier Pierre Pierre, Manon Bruet, Guillaume Tourscher, Jeu de Paume, Paris
Auger Jimmy
Aurelia Peter, Kunsthalle Basel, Iris Touliatou
Balmer Hählen
Balmer Hählen, Julien Le Goff
Benjamin Kunz
Bureau Progressiv
Cai Wenchao, Ma Chuan
Carilla Karahan
Christian Sydney Kippes
Christoph Reinicke
Conway and Young
Corbin Mahieu, Cristobal Jimenez
Dabin Kim
Dan Solbach
Dan Solbach, Arni Siebdruck GmbH
Dan Solbach, Lorenza Longhi, Arni Siebdruck GmbH
Daniel & Andrew
Daniel Seemayer
Daniel Wiesmann
Deer sheng
Donil Lavashov
Erich Brechbühl
Erich Brechbühl, Felix Pfäffli, Josh Schaub
Filippo Emiliani
Florent Texier
Gerrit Brocks
Gerrit Brocks, Nelly Nakahara
götz gramlich
götz gramlich, maxwell hathaway, vincent brod
Guo Xuejun
Hélène Marian
Hossein Gholami
Jahn Koutrios
James Rogers, Mot Suwat
Jan Wojda, Emir Karyo
Jana Rzehak
Jiri Mocek
Johnson / Kingston, Fabio Furlani, Michael Kühni
Johnson / Kingston, Massimiliano Audretsch
Jordy Kuster
Kai Steinstraesser
Kai Steinstraesser, Dimi Minoudis
Kai Steinstraesser, Marc Roecker
Kaiu Meiner
Karolina Pietrzyk, Tobias Wenig
Kexin Chen
Konsta Ojala
Korina Gallika
Lamm & Kirch
Leander Limburg
Leander Limburg, Max Diemair
Léo Monnet
Lucas Hesse
Luke Brown
Luke Brown, Alexander Naughton
Manon Bruet, Julia Andréone (photography)

Manon Bruet, Sarah Vadé
Manon Bruet, Spassky Fischer
Manon Bruet, Thomas Petit
Manuel Bauer
Manuel Bauer, Dabin Kim
Marcus Wachter, Miriam Humm
Marinus Klinksik
Marius Schillak
Massimiliano Audretsch
Melissa Cagatay (Tschaggi), Richard Parmentier
Micaela Brazerol, Jahn Koutrios
Michel Domeisen
michiel schuurman
N&MS, Giorgio Olivero, Michele Salati
N&MS, Raffael Kormann
Nassim AZARZAR, Khial Nkhel
Nassim AZARZAR, Machy Mashy
Nassim AZARZAR, Youmein Festival
New Information
New Information, Leah Beeferman, Three Weathers
Niklas Apfel
Niklaus Troxler
Nutthakorn Junjang
Paul Dagorne, NF
Paul Pacher
Paul Pacher, Josephine M. Aymar, Annika Kiefer, Stefanie Messner
Pierre Vanni
Rio Basel
Robert Radziejewski
Robert Tilbury, Gabriel Tilbury
Rui Pu, Xiaoxi Chen
Shen Hou
Shun Sasaki
Siguang Wu
Simon Renaud
Siyu Mao
Skala Design GmbH, Stefan Hürlemann, Arjun Gilgen
SomethingMoon Design
Stéréo Buro
Studio Anna Haas (Anna Haas, Gina Burri)
Studio Rejane Dal Bello
Super Terrain
The Company You Keep, Paul Rousteau
Tobias Jäggli
Tobias Wenig
Tristán Alcover
Valentin Bonzon
Victor Montet
Viter, Chou yuwei, Puzzleman Leun
Wenhao Yuan
Yannick Nuss
Yexin Cai
Yotam Hadar
Yuchang Sun