Global online festival welcoming designers and creatives for two weeks of inspiration: 28. March – 11. April 2024  


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Global online festival welcoming designers and creatives for two weeks of inspiration

2. – 17. November 2023
Learn new skills and approaches in this rare opportunity to produce work with some of the most exciting names in the industry. Limited spaces available.
International Workshops (Online)
Various Dates
2-day Workshop 'Expressing the Self in the Digital Age' with Sarah Mayer
Face Filter AR

There is no better time to dive into augmented reality than now. This workshop serves as an introductory course to the vast potential of Augmented Reality (AR) through the utilization of Lens Studio which then can be applied to various digital platforms.

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3-day Workshop 'Still life' with Christophe Gaudard
Poster Design

Experiment with image-making process, symbolism and 3D software Blender to create next-level posters with Christophe Gaudard.

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2-day Workshop 'Design in multi-dimensions' with XT PROJECTS
Augmented Reality

Join creative director and digital artist Christie (XT PROJECTS) for a co-creative, collaborative augmented reality workshop where you’ll be able to build, prototype, test and launch your own experience in AR.

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2-day Workshop with Cihan Tamti
Lettering Design

Together with Cihan Tamti, you will explore essential lettering design techniques. The workshop includes fast-paced exercises including grid lettering, free drawing and type customisation. You will also be challenged with combining multiple typefaces and styles to create single wordmarks and explore how to create harmony with ligatures.

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2-day Workshop 'Cooking up a poster' with Suzy Chan
A Fresh Design Process

Poster design with a twist. Suzy Chan introduces her unique design process inspired by cooking to help you create your best work. Work on typography and image making in an analogue way then bring your skills and processes together to cook up a uniquely flavoured poster.

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2-day Workshop 'Chat GPType' with Pangram Pangram
Type Design

Unleash your type design potential. Through this practice, we aim to unlock new creative patterns, rooted in intentionality and fuelled by human ingenuity. Join the discussion on iteration and alteration as we explore the concept of “typographic continuum”.

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